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Sales Operations

Reduce account conflict, define sales rep territory, and have better insights to report on. 

Understand Your Customers


Traction Hierarchies instantly builds and displays your account hierarchies using parent-child relationships from your external data source.


Understanding the corporate structure of your most complex enterprise customers has never been easier. Our customizable display allows you to easily filter the data that is shown in the hierarchy.

Identify White Space Accounts


White space accounts are the accounts that you didn't know existed within an enterprise organization. They present the strongest opportunity for sales. With Hierarchies, you can filter down to these accounts and immediately start prospecting accounts where you have an existing relationship.

Change the Way You Manage

Manage Territories with Ease



Use specific filter logic and change fields on the fly to display accounts within the hierarchy that fits your territory model. 


Settling territory disputes and reassigning accounts has never been easier.