Instantly Build and Display Account Hierarchies within Salesforce



    "The best application on the AppExchange that provides instant visibility into the full corporate hierarchy of all your Salesforce accounts."

  • Why Traction Hierarchies

    Most sales organizations share similar pain points. When working with them to improve efficiency with technology, we tend to ask similar questions to each one: 


    "Do you have multiple sales reps selling into the same overall account?"

    "Do you effectively use existing relationships to sell to related/similar companies?"

    "Is territory and account conflict a constant issue for your team?"


    With 99% of the answers coming back as "YES!", we realized

    sales organization lack major visibility into the accounts they're selling into.


    So we built Traction Hierarchies.

  • "Traction Hierarchies is a terrific app that gives immediate insight into the total value of a major or global account that has multiple subsidiaries. If you work with enterprise level customers, Traction Hierarchies is a must have."

  • What is Traction Hierarchies?

    Leveraging the power of your Data.com subscription and a D&B world file of over 240 million companies, Traction Hierarchies provides instant visibility into the full corporate hierarchy of all your Salesforce accounts.


    Filter accounts within those hierarchies to support territory management, identify cross sell/upsell opportunities and improve insights into your addressable market. These "whitespace" accounts allow you to leverage previous relationships to drive net new opportunities within the hierarchy.

    Enhanced Account Insights at a Glance

    Identify ownership overlap, cross sell and upsell opportunities and recognize pipeline metrics.

    Develop a True Customer 360

    View all accounts within the overall corporate tree to better understand your accounts and customers. 

    Support Territory Management


    View every account within a global organization and filter to identify accounts within your sales territory.

    Supports Data Cleanliness and Stewardship


    Visualized legal account relationships to improve data quality and highlight and merge duplicate data.

  • "The flexibility and visibility offered by Traction Hierarchies is bar-none my favorite application relating to Salesforce. Hierarchies gives us that quick overview of where an account lies in relation to other affiliated accounts. It really has been a life saver and their support of my questions has also been first rate."

  • See Hierarchies in Action

    Watch the short video below to find out how Traction Hierarchies actually works.

  • "This tool is great for identifying whitespace accounts that we can target as low hanging fruit. It also greatly assists us in better organizing our parent account relationships and hierarchies. Highly recommend!"

  • Our Customers

    With over 30,000 users worldwide, these businesses and many more rely on Traction Hierarchies to help them sell more efficiently everyday. 

  • We think we can change the way you sell.

    BUT WAIT! Traction Hierarchies requires a subscription to Data.com Premium Clean.


    To find out how you can add Data.com to your Salesforce instance or to learn more about Hierarchies, please reach out using the form below.